Educational centers

Slavonski Brod

In the center of town is the E-Learning Center E-NAUČI.ME Slavonski Brod. Our school operates since 2011. year and in our classrooms entered the nearly 300 participants. Roughly the same percentage, but by then as a designer, technician, programmer, administrator, accountant or manager with their diplomas, new skills, valuable connections and significantly greater confidence came from us.

With many people we are in touch today. All attendees are always at your disposal for any questions and seek new employers, recommendations and establish better relations on the existing work and look forward to them every success as it is ours!

High quality educational courses and lectures, top speakers, individual student access, modern equipment which is carried out education and business successes of our students are the best references to contact us with confidence.

Visit us at Ul. Louis Gaja 11, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask any questions you want to know about the programs we offer. At your disposal in-time 035/400-30 Administration Office on the phone, and all day on the phone 091/4455-555. Invest in your knowledge - enter an E-nauč educational programs in Slavonski Brod or online.


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