Trends in the labor market

Trendovi na tržištu rada

The labor market is showing new trends. Middle of the tourist season, increased unemployment, and will post it in September, up demand for merchants, carers of older people, as workers in beauty and horticulture technical industries. Expected more ads for freelancers, temporary jobs, and the unemployed are advised expanding horizons beyond the tasks related to the acquired profession, and retraining. "In a situation in which we now find many might consider the fact that with a short train and re-training for such jobs. Maybe it is a temporary solution, and who pleases may be permanent," said the experts.

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What is online learning, e-learning and distance learning?

What is online learning?

Online learning can be defined as the learning process using ICT. In free translation, it means that this learning takes place through the computer for which you need the Internet and able to learn from anywhere and at any time. Can be done through written text, speech, video or tests. Many do not have time for extra classes because of work, schools and other obligations. So this is a great opportunity that allows you to gain knowledge from your own home. Throughout the learning you interact with your tutor. This way of learning will usually provide you with a variety of IT colleges, language schools or certain educational institutions may charge their services and at the end of the course receive a certificate.


The advantages of online learning

The websites of the respective providers of such services would you write if you can access for free or you pay a certain amount. But if you do not have money you will find many free sites that can help you to adopt a new skill. The advantage of this learning is that you can choose your area of interest. Everything you wanted to, you now have the opportunity to learn. Benefits of e-learning are numerous. Often, these courses provide students with materials that are making up for missed commitments, as a rule, the biggest problem in standard courses. Also, it allows students to learn at their own pace, at a time and place that suits them. In addition to teaching in a way that suits them, users are encouraged to learn from the media and the exercise of knowledge through the use of numerous audio, video, text, image and multimedia materials.

What is lifelong learning?

What is lifelong learning?

Chris Galvin, general manager of Motorola said: "Motorola wants to hire more engineers with four-year degree, we ask that our employees have a forty-year degree."

What does this mean and what is lifelong learning? Why is it so important to employers, and why you should be seeking jobs more importantly, we find below.


Every day in every way more and more progress

All knowledge, including knowledge of the art of living. You need to know to move towards something better and bounce back after defeat and serious moments as well as learn from the mistakes that we do. You need to know to live in the present and make it worthy of remembrance, to know to enjoy all of life's moments and stand up after all of life's downs.

Lifelong Learning, also known as the LLL (Life Long Learning), the upgrading of various knowledge and skills throughout life, whether for personal or professional reasons. This is actually a continuous learning process that starts from birth until our old age, including all forms of learning in all circumstances, such as learning from families, communities, schools, various situations of life, job, etc ...

It is important because it creates opportunities for knowledge development and personal growth by increasing competitiveness, quality of life and social inclusion that is very aktivnojoj involvement of individuals in the transferring company.

Continuous upgrading of knowledge leads to greater competitiveness and success in the business world

Although habits and learning experience at a young age was strongly affected by the motivation as well as the results in the following periods, the amount of knowledge has become too large to be able to learn during training. From the cradle to the grave by the Student's best time, but it is necessary to learn throughout their lives because of the rapid social and technological change. Technology development and changes taking place around us, and lead to changes in existing knowledge, skills, values, habits and various methods that expire daily.

In the twenties starting to distract from the continuing education cjeloživorno learning. It should be borne in mind that lifelong education and lifelong learning are not the same concepts. In contrast to the lifelong learning that relates to the institutionalized and organized learning, lifelong learning includes unintentional and spontaneous knowledge, which is carried through life with a view to developing individual potential.

The concept of lifelong learning, developed in the sixties of last century, the answer to the problem of discrepancy between youth and adults (Schulz, 1999)..

There is a program of lifelong learning, which is Europe's largest program in the field of education, and aims to contribute to the development of Europe. We also held a "Week of Lifelong Learning" organized with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports with a plan to raise citizens' awareness of the importance of learning and education.

(Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education (2011),


Learning is an ongoing process, and the right knowledge acquired by experience

I came to the conclusion that it is not a measure of a successful life is to give us all things and all plans work out exactly as we want because everyone else had failed. The measure of a successful life and to draw lessons from failure, and realize that we should not be restricted because of the disappointments of life - they were, they would be. What is behind us and what is before us is trifling compared to what is inside us - our experience.

"Falls are the keys to success, every new mistake teaches us something."

Just give us the difficulties of life learn to appreciate the good life. You need to know to find hope and happiness into a child smile, song lyrics, the words of the book, in the eyes of someone you love. Learn to master the new challenges in life, be stronger, more conscious, active participants in their own lives, to overcome the pain, learn how to love, open to life and develop a new quality that perhaps we could develop a different way. Learning to use the time that we have the best we can and know how to enjoy the creation and what we have is a challenge that really requires lifelong learning.

"It would be good if the youth knew what age could be a meaning" (Burmese proverb)